We offer comprehensive legal services, including a full range of services in the field of civil law.

Come to us for legal advice when negotiating, changing or terminating contracts, as well as asserting claims resulting from breaches of contractual or other obligations. We will draft and/or review legal agreements as well as other written documents. We will act for you and on your behalf and represent you at any forum. We will defend your interests in connection with court or out-of-court settlements of disputes.

Our services in the field of civil law include:

  • protection of intellectual property
  • protection of personal rights
  • personal data protection
  • legal aspects of real estate ownership and tenancy
  • ownership rights, liens and easements
  • leases and subleases
  • rights and obligations of housing cooperatives´ members
  • consumer protection
  • liability for damage to property or health
  • healthcare law
  • unjust enrichment
  • asset management and property settlement
  • successions
  • family law
  • property arrangement between spouses

Talk to us about your legal issues.

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