High-quality internal rules and regulations, robust employment contracts and precise job descriptions are a basis of a long-term, satisfactory, and first and foremost functional relationship between the employer and the employee. Well-drafted manager´s contract serves as a motivation to your executives to increase effectiveness and have responsible approach. As regards labor law and employment law, we cover a wide spectrum of services from solving day-to-day problems of both employers and employees to disputes in the area of labor law. We can give you professional advice in the field of health and safety at workplace; we can help you in connection with changes or termination of employment and with health insurance and social security issues. We can sort out posting of workers abroad and/or employing of foreigners in the Republic of Indonesia.

Our comprehensive services in the field of labor law include:

  • internal guidelines, workplace rules, payroll and other regulations
  • labor-law issues in connection with reorganization or sale of enterprise
  • directors´ contracts
  • managers´ contracts, appointments to management positions
  • individual and model employment contracts
  • agreements to complete a job, contracts for work
  • terminations of employment
  • social security and health insurance issues
  • employment of foreigners, posting of workers abroad
  • health protection and labor safety at workplace
  • collective agreements, work councils
  • employees´ benefits and taxes
  • remuneration schemes and reimbursement of travel expenses
  • occupational diseases, work-related medical services
  • legal aspect of data protection
  • labor-law disputes before courts, labor-law claims

We know all about labor law and employment.

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