S&P Law Firm attorneys have extensive criminal trial experience. Collectively, S&P firm represents individuals under investigation as well as those charged with serious felonies, including white collar crimes, as well as misdemeanors, DUIs, drug possession, and other lesser offenses.

S&P Law Firm is ready, willing and qualified to take complex cases to trial. The Firm has a team of highly skilled attorneys who have over 20 years of collective experience.

Although selective about commencing litigation, the Firm is known for its success in litigating novel issues and expanding the law for the benefit of shareholders. We undertake a thorough analysis of the strengths of potential claims and damages before recommending that our clients initiate litigation or pursue a lead plaintiff position. We are guided by each client’s specific needs. If we believe that a case is weak, we will not hesitate to recommend against litigation even if the client has a relatively large loss. In a strong case or a case in which a client has a special interest, we may recommend that it litigate even if its losses are relatively small.

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